What to Know About Bidens Expansive Strategy for Beating the COVID-19 Pandemic

On his first full day in office as POTUS, Joe Biden is wasting no time when it comes to tackling the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with equal parts urgency and communication, a seemingly standard combination that’s been noticeably absent here in the States throughout the bulk of this uniquely depressing era.

Biden, who’s made it abundantly clear this week that he and VP Kamala Harris have no intention of following the example of their predecessors, signed 10 more executive orders on Thursday aimed at bettering the national pandemic strategy.

These moves come at yet another pivotal moment for the country, with the current pandemic death count having recently surpassed 400,000.

In his inaugural address, Biden stressed the importance of pushing for greater unity nationwide in terms of a pandemic response plan.

“We are entering what may well be the toughest and deadliest period of the virus,” the president said.

With a new administration now in the White House and promising a more effective coronavirus strategy, what can we expect in the weeks and months ahead? Should we give ourselves over to, dare it be said, cautious optimism at a modest volume?

Below, we break down a few key elements of what’s currently known about Biden’s immediate pandemic strategy.

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