SPFL board issues a resolution to clubs seeking temporary Covid-19 powers

The SPFL and its chief executive Neil Doncaster have been at the centre of acrimonious debate in recent months

The Scottish Professional Football League has issued a resolution to clubs asking them to cede Covid-19-related decisions to its board for next season.

The resolution only relates to disruption caused by coronavirus and the SPFL board would only hold the power for season 2020-21 and the effect on the start date for the season after.

There would be an express requirement to consult with clubs over decisions.

The organisation is keen to avoid a repeat of the recent in-fighting.

The SPFL’s 42 member clubs voted to “call” the leagues after coronavirus had caused the suspension of football in March.

After another vote to adopt a 14-10-10-10 structure was rejected, Hearts and Partick Thistle began legal action to try to overturn their respective relegations from the Premiership and Championship.

The letter sent with the resolution to clubs warns that failure to approve it would mean the SPFL placing the onus on Covid-19 decision making with the member clubs once again “with all of the rancour and division that we saw in season 2019-20”.

The letter also states that it was “apparent earlier this year, SPFL rules do not adequately cover the situation where a season has to be curtailed, with a number of games remaining to be played”.

A series of divisional meetings will take place over the next few weeks to purposely discuss the resolution.

The resolution requires 75% of the Premiership clubs to agree (9/12), 75% of the Championship clubs (8/10) and 75% of clubs in Leagues One and Two (15/20) to succeed.

Clubs have 28 days to respond and have been informed if they return an agreement to the resolution they cannot at a later date change their decision.

If the board receives enough support prior to the 28-day period the resolution would be deemed to have been accepted.

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