San Francisco Reopening: Officials Announce Gradual Plan

The governor’s proposed budget suggested cuts totaling $54.3 billion across programs ranging from public education to health care.

San Mateo County, which is home to Facebook and YouTube, faced an unprecedented housing crisis before shelter-in-place orders took effect in mid-March.

According to county officials, YouTube donated $50,000 to San Mateo County’s Strong Fund, which is aimed at providing financial relief to residents and local businesses.

But Canepa said that’s not enough and expects companies like Google and Netflix, which have reported higher earnings during the pandemic, to contribute more.

Businesses that have suffered financially like Uber and Airbnb would be exempt.

“We don’t want to penalize people for being successful, but these companies can do a lot more in this pandemic and they’re profiting off this pandemic,” Canepa said.

— Shannon Lin (@Linshannonlin)

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