Hannity Doubles Down on Attacking Cuomo for Calling Out Trump Over Ventilator Needs: ‘More Whining, Bitching, and Complaining’

Sean Hannity added more fuel to the political fires gathering around the Trump administration’s coronavirus response, doubling down in his attacks on the “whining, bitching, and complaining” of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has pleaded for more ventilators from the federal government.

The Fox host’s diatribe came just one day after he hosted President Donald Trump in a long, softball interview in which Hannity expressed how “annoyed” he was at hearing Cuomo publicly plead for more life-saving ventilators and Trump ignited outrage by claiming that the governor was unnecessarily inflating the number. That claim, Trump effectively confirmed on Friday, was based on no medical data or epidemiological assessment and was simply pure speculation on his part.

Hannity enjoys a reputation as one of the president’s most hardcore supporters, but has leapt into becoming an unwavering cheerleader for Trump amidst the coronavirus pandemic, even if that has meant making inaccurate, optimistic claims about testing contradicted by Trump’s own public health experts or touting unsubstantiated drug therapies not backed up by clinical studies.

His Friday night show fit neatly into this same pattern.

“Last night, I touched on the insistent, never-ending, constant complaining, and frankly, lack of accountability of that guy, New York governor Andrew Cuomo,” said Hannity, who it should be noted lives in New York City. “His state is the epicenter of the coronavirus in the United States. They are facing a real crisis.”

Hannity then went on defend Trump by listing all the assistance the federal government has provided to the state so far.

“Everything that New York will need, Andrew Cuomo has requested, the president has delivered, Hannity claimed. “But you know, I watched day after day, and he says it, he talks with such great authority. These politicians all talk, no action, that is what we are getting from Cuomo. It sounds great, sounds authoritative, sounds wonderful. Came on my radio show for 40 minutes, ‘Yeah, we will all work for gather’ Today, he had nothing but more whining, bitching, and complaining. It’s getting pathetic, Andrew.”

After a rundown of random state-funded projects that Hannity effectively said Cuomo wasted money on instead of spending it on ventilators, the Fox News host admonished the New York governor for failing to be sufficiently grateful to the president.

“That’s a nice hospital behind you,” Hannity snarked, echoing a complaint by Trump earlier in the day that some Democratic governors are not displaying proper fealty to the White House  when they discuss federal assistance. “Thank Donald Trump. Maybe once in a while say ‘Thank You, Mr. President. Thank you to the American people. They are paying that bill.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News. 

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