Facebook is making it easier to donate essentials to those in need

The holidays can be a hard time for some in the best of circumstances. Add to that the coronavirus pandemic, and you have more people than ever struggling to get through the winter season. To help its users help each other, Facebook is adding a new Drives feature to the Community Help section that makes it easier for you and your friends to collect food, clothes and other vital goods for those in need.

An icon near the top of the main Community Help page allows you to request or offer help. Once a drive is created, you can contribute to it through tapping another easy-to-find icon. Like a crowdfunding campaign, there’s a progress bar at the top that tells you how close the Drive is to accomplishing its goal. Facebook also gives you the option to contact the person who created the drive through Messenger. The company is currently in the process of rolling out the feature to select users in the US, promising it will be more widely available across the country in the coming weeks.