Coronavirus: All passengers on Emirates flight will be contacted

All passengers on an Emirates flight from Bali to Auckland will be contacted.


All passengers on an Emirates flight from Bali to Auckland will be contacted.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says passengers on board the flight carrying a passenger who tested positive for coronavirus will be proactively contacted by authorities. 

She made the announcement at a press conference on Saturday. It’s an about-turn from previous statements from authorities saying only passengers in rows close to the passenger would be contacted. 

Healthline and the Auckland Primary Health Organisation would work together to reach those passengers, who travelled to Auckland on Emirates flight EK450 on Wednesday. The infected passenger left Tehran and stopped in Dubai and Bali en route to New Zealand. 

The u-turn comes after one passenger on board the flight criticised authorities’ response. The Auckland barber said he had no idea he had been on the same flight until he saw media reports, and was now proactively quarantining himself

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Ardern said inquiries would be made into the border response, after it was reported the infected person, despite being sick on the flight, hadn’t been stopped at the border for a check. 

She said New Zealand’s border control was stricter than other countries, and that the Auckland Primary Health Organisation was “world class”. 

“New Zealand is good at these situations…the public should be going about their daily lives.”

Passengers arriving into New Zealand are given information in both English and Mandarin about the virus and if they are identified as being unwell they would be assessed and transported to hospital.

The health assessments are not compulsory, and passengers can opt in if they feel ill. 

Were you a passenger on board EK450 or do you know someone who was? Get in touch with us at Healthline can be contacted on 0800 358 5453.

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